Infomir Academy

Develop your IPTV/OTT business

Infomir Academy is a free course on building and developing IPTV/OTT projects. Learn all you need to know about the industry, subscribers, software, and equipment. Benefit from our experience of 20 years and avoid all pitfalls on your way to success. 

The first
IPTV/OTT business course

Structured resources

What you will learn at Infomir Academy

  • How to build and develop a business
  • The best hardware and software solutions for your project
  • Which investments are unnecessary
  • How to offer relevant IPTV/OTT services
  • How subscriber preference analysis can help you retain existing users and attract new ones

Infomir's 20 years of experience

Infomir’s very own specialists were involved in the preparation of these course materials. Each resource is packed with years of experience of the company’s engineers, developers, brand managers, project managers, and tech support specialists. We share our expertise as a set-top box producer, middleware producer, and systems integrator.

Who this
course is for

IPTV/OTT operators

Learn how to get ahead of the competition, retain your audience, and scale your project.

Cable TV operators

Integrate interactive television and retain subscribers.

Internet service providers

Boost revenue by providing IPTV services to your customers.


Learn how to launch your project with minimal investments.

video blogs

Infomir Academy is not about just theory.
In every video, an active IPTV/OTT operator explains the practical
aspects of all things covered. Learn from real-life examples.

New materials

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Course authors

The course resources are developed by practicing specialists with extensive experience.
Infomir’s specialists have launched 4,500 projects in 151 countries since 2001.

Project manager
Oleksandr Vlasenko

PR manager, content marketing supervisor; manages Infomir’s content production and corporate communication

Hennadii Mitrov

Content manager, editor, and author with the BROADVISION magazine

Viktor Artiushchenko

Commercial Director, Infomir Group

Anatoliy Filatkin

Head of After-Sales Service and Customer Support, Infomir

Denys Vasyliev

Head of Tech Support and IPTV/OTT Solution Integration, Infomir

Project lead
Ihor Oklander

Head of Marketing; provides marketing support for full-cycle software and hardware projects

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